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I'm Looking for an Experienced Brazillian Buttlift Surgeon in the Bay Area ?

Ht 5'7 wt182 , I would like a full prominent bottom, and also some hips I believe I have enough fat. Currently the best before and after photos I've seen have been from... READ MORE

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Emely8935 what exactly happened I've seen his work and most of the time it looks amazing. I hope your doing better. It's touchy whenever we decide to manipulate our bodies. I haven't had mines done yet I'm trying natural alternative first. READ COMMENT

Omg gurl you have some of the best results I've ever seen on here. I NEED campos like yesterday lol. I'm also scared to travel alone though and do you have to get a passport first. I hope your enjoying your new body. READ COMMENT

This is a great question I was considering the same thing. Most doctors recommend getting the procedures done separately anyway. The skin shouldn't be unbearable. Considering your size. I can't wait to get my bbl also goodluck READ COMMENT

This doctors work looks amazing how Are you now are u still happy with your results. I hope the doctor doesn't hike her prices up. Because I really want this done asap READ COMMENT

Great results so you had general anesthesia. Does she do it without also great results READ COMMENT