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That's wonderful that your feeling better already! Your looking great as far as I can see and the scar looks super low which is a huge deal in my eyes. Do you have any before pics? READ COMMENT

You look amazing!!! You don't even look swollen in the front. You will be able to pick up your little munchkin in no time. I bet that's the hardest part right now. But it will be over sooner than you know it. He will be there waiting... READ COMMENT

Thanks, I think so too. And I think its a good idea to keep the compression garment on for as long as he says. Some people take them off to soon and wonder why things didn't turn out right. I can imagine the anticipation though. READ COMMENT

Congratulations!!!! You did it!! Yay!!!! I cant wait to see your pics. I am going to see him tomorrow for my second consultation. Happy healing!! READ COMMENT

Your so welcome! And I bet your husband will survive, time flies and sooner than he knows it he will have one hot wifey all to himself. It might help to remind him of that. READ COMMENT