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Switching from Lightsheer to Soprano XL - Pasadena, CA

I'm pretty hairy, and I have olive skin - light for a mixed race person. The treatments I had 7 years ago with the Lightsheer machine were super effective! But "permanent" hair removal is is not truly permanent, so I needed some touchups. I changed jobs so the med spa I went to before was no longer within driving distance, so I chose Elude Med Spa. I love them - they really have the... READ MORE

Restylane Restored the Face I Hadn’t Seen for Years - Pasadena, CA

It’s been a big year for my face. I turned 46 (sneaks up on you). A medication change resulted in an unintentional weight loss (I know, boo hoo - but I was skinny to start with and losing 15 lbs did me no favors in terms of health, strength or sexiness, believe me). Even though my life has been going really well, I felt like I was looking tired and unhealthy. And then, I started a new... READ MORE

Seemed Like Mistake at First, but 10 Days Post = yay - Los Angeles, CA

I have pretty nice skin for a 45-y.o. - no real issues, just some fine lines and a lack of fullness. I had been doing at-home fruit acid peels with great results and considering a heavier-duty commercial one to plump up a bit, reclaim my rosy glow, and get rid of some minor sun damage, when my favorite aesthetician mentioned that she was now offering glycolic peels. I made the decision to do... READ MORE

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Would You Recommend Fillers or a Brow Lift For My Tired Appearance? (photo)

I'm 45 and would like to look less tired. I'm considering fillers for the tear trough -my main area of concern- but also I see how low my brow is and the asymmetrical... READ MORE

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Oops, the title should read "after 3 treatments" READ COMMENT

Don't worry! It will go down in a couple days. The swelling was worse the second day than the first. One cheek jutted out very far (I took pictures but they didn't come out well.) Then, 48 hours later it started going down. You... READ COMMENT

Hi Jellyfish - Oh, I sympathize! It can be really scary, I know. But don't worry, getting burned is pretty common and it is very likely to come out okay. #1 - DO NOT SCRATCH OR PICK AT IT. That will cause scarring. #2 - You need to take... READ COMMENT