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Spironolactone - Fantastic Medication for Acne/Oily Skin - Panama City, FL

I have struggled with oily skin my entire life. When I was 27, I went through a traumatic, life-changing experience. The roller coaster emotions I was experiencing manifested themselves through an explosion of cystic acne that forever altered my formerly smooth skin. Although I had had acne here... READ MORE

Disappeared Within a Week - Florida

I have acne issues and developed a HUGE acne cyst on my cheek. I used to get steroid shots for cysts but hadn't in years. My skin used to never scar from acne but within the last four years has done so terribly. I got an appointment with a dermatologist recommended by my general physician to... READ MORE

Somewhat Helpful, but Definitely NOT a Cure - Florida

I sought out a doctor to give me a Fraxel Re:pair for acne scarring. I found a doctor who would do the Re:pair, but wanted to treat my existing acne with a series of PDTs before doing the Fraxel Re:pair. I was ill-informed at the time, and it annoyed me to no end she wouldn't give me what I... READ MORE

Fraxel Re:store - Alabama

Throughout high school I had a few cystic acne pimples and they eventually went away without scarring (pockmarks). I went through a traumatic experience at 27 that, for whatever reason...stress, emotions, hormones, something...caused extreme cystic acne that led to scarring. I still experience... READ MORE

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Dcatladie, I'm still on it. :) If you're still super oily, I'd check back in with my physician and see about possibly upping the dosage. Good luck! READ COMMENT

He wasn't rude about it or anything. Just told me he bet he could guess some other things I might want done, and he was right. He was completely professional...specializes in both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, so I trust his... READ COMMENT

You look great. I had a consultation with a facial plastic surgeon about acne scarring and he suggested I get a chin implant and rhinoplasty. I think I'll go forward with the chin implant...can't afford the rhinoplasty with the CO2... READ COMMENT

How significant is the hair loss? Are you seeing thinning/balding areas? I think my hair has thinned some, but my hair dresser swears it's just as it's always been. READ COMMENT