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Oh I'm really scared, come and get me MG!! ha! ...a lawsuit for taking part in a discussion forum! Nazi is right MG--atta girl, Beets, we know our rights ( - READ COMMENT

Lisa...but, Jennifer Aniston absolutely DOES use and endorse Neal's Yard Remedies. Robt. D. Jr. shops @ the NYR shop on the Kings Rd., and so does Jade Jagger and her 2 daughters, who are all in a Youtube video that takes place @ the... READ COMMENT

@Sunny88~I have not yet tried licsi, but have taken a long look at some of their lines, and their products seem to be very comparable to the ones I use, Neal's Yard Remedies, (just not as expensive!), ie., handmade (in England), a... READ COMMENT

If Eminence is lying about where the products are made, the TM ingredients, ect., on top of having such a dodgy history, such as (after reading the above)--I believe they do--they CAN NOT be trusted. Period! And if the whole precept of... READ COMMENT