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Finally got a revision in Honolulu

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Revision Rhinoplasty

19 Feb 2017, Updated 5 months ago

Bao L. Phan, MD

5 out of 5 stars

Location Honolulu Hawaii not Seattle: I got revision rhinoplasty surgery here, to fix a previous botched surgery that was done overseas. I couldn't be happier with my result! Natural looking is what I wanted and that is exactly what I got! It was so hard to find a doctor here on the island that specialized in revisions rhinoplasty. After extensive research and contacting previous patients, via... READ MORE

450cc Sientra Classic Shape Under Muscle - Federal Way, WA

Finally did it! Started off with a small pancake A & hoping for a bigger c- small d. Went with 450cc sientra classic tear drop shaped under the muscle. Looks great & natural so far but having a little bit of boob greed at the moment...haha also wondering if I should of went round because I barely have any upper pole projection...I'm glad my ps suggested 450 instead of 400 (which I wanted) Also... READ MORE

seeking Revision After 7 LONG Years - seeking revision in seattle!

So, I will try to keep it simple. Went to Philippines to get rhinoplasty done 7 years ago & came out with a bigger & crooked nose. Asked for alar reduction & tip refinement & even showed a pic. He then convinced me that by adding goretex to my bridge, it will refine my overall nose. (Was not even considering implant beforehand) should of stuck with my guns but I trusted him:( my nose was... READ MORE

Questions from MomDayinWA

Am I a good candidate for Thermage on stomach area? I'm 6ft, 115 lbs with three kids. (Photo)

Hi, I'm a mommy of 3 kiddos 7,6, & 1years old. stats -6ft, lean/athletic build 155 pounds and been working out and eating a lot healthier.My stomach is the hardest area to lose... READ MORE

Can I have the goretex implant removed and have my old bridge back with a little bit tip refinement? (photos)

I had rhinoplasty using goretex implant on bridge about 7 years ago. (Nothing else done to bone/structure of nose just placement of goretex on brigde and slight alar reduction)... READ MORE

Can I remove Gore-Tex nasal implant and just have tip work done? My previous nose bridge was not broken or shaved (Photo)

Had rhinoplasty over a decade ago. GoreTex implant was placed on bridge & my nostrils were reduced slightly. Would like to revert back to original bridge (was already high... READ MORE

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Thank you. Real self definitely helps a lot with my research. Can I ask what he did to your tip? Thank you. READ COMMENT

Your nose looks gorgeous! Congrats on the successful rhinoplasty! I want to go to him for a revision but I can't afford him. Even if I saved.. So happy for you, though! Thank you for sharing!! I'll be following your journey! READ COMMENT

Hi, how is your recovery? Can you please post pics. your nose looked like mine before I had rhinoplasty. I'm now seeking revision.. hopefully (if possible) just tip work done. What did he end up doing to your nose? READ COMMENT

Yes, can you let us know why your situation was extreme please? Thank you! READ COMMENT

Wow! So that's what it will look like! All I've seen is silicone removal. Thank you so much for sharing! I really appreciate it!! Oh, also wanted to ask if it was hard to remove because of the tissue ingrowth? READ COMMENT