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Very Informative, Thorough and Honest! Plantation, FL

I recently met with Dr. Epstein for a consultation regarding possible upper eyelid surgery and possible lower eyelid surgery. I have to say I was extremely impressed. Before we even discussed what was concerning me, I was given a very thorough eye exam to make sure my eyes were in good health. This made me feel extremely comfortable, knowing that this office was not just a money machine and... READ MORE

The Best in All South Florida for Botox. Fort Lauderdale, FL

I have been going to Dr. Wigoda for over 6 years for Botox. He is absolutely the BEST in South Florida for this. I had tried other Plastic Surgeons for this and was extremely disappointed with the results. Once I found Dr. Wigoda, I never went to anyone else!!! I Highly recommend him and I have recommended him to my friends and everyone is totally satisfied with the results. Thank you, Dr.... READ MORE

Questions from Bab1

Can I please get a recommendation from other doctors who they feel is the best oculoplastic surgeon in South Florida?

I live in South Florida. I am turning 55 and I definitely need surgery to fix my hooded upper eyelids and possibly some minor work for my lower eyes. I am quite nervous about... READ MORE

I want to give myself a more youthful appearance. Should I have upper eyelid surgery or filler in tear trough? (Photo)

I am getting older and I want to give myself a more youthful, refreshed appearance. I do not want to do too many things at once, so I need some honest advise on which route to... READ MORE

Can an Opthomologist claim to be an Oculoplastic Surgeon if not a member of ASOPS?

I have been researching Oculoplastic surgeons in South Florida for upper eyelid/ possible ptosis surgery. I have come across one, Steven Fagien that is highly recommended on... READ MORE

10 days after mole shaved. Extremely upset about round indentation. Told this would be better than excision. What to do? (Photo)

10 days ago after careful consideration, i decided to have a mole removed on my cheek near my mouth. I decided to go with a plastic surgeon since it was recommended I may get... READ MORE

Horrible crater after mole removal 12 days ago. When can I get filler or laser to correct it ? Will it fill in? (photo)

Please help. Depressed. Horrible crater after mole removal 12 days ago. I did everything correctly. Kept it moist and covered out of the sun. How soon can I look into... READ MORE

What is the latest and best laser technology to use for wrinkles and tightening under the eyes? Also down time? Thanks

I have been told laser treatment would be a good choice to remove wrinkles and tighten the skin under my eyes. What I need to know is specifically what is the best type of... READ MORE

55 year old with bad fat under chin. Will Kybella work for me or what are my alternatives? (Photos)

I am 55 and hate my double chin. I have been looking into kybella . I had surgery on the left side of my neck for a cyst when I was 13 that left me with minor nerve damage to... READ MORE

May lose my front teeth and may need a bridge. Can someone please recommend a Prostidontist in Boca Raton or fort Lauderdale?

I am devastated! I just found out one of my front teeth which has a porcelain crown over it may have serious decay. The tooth under the crown may not be able to be saved. I... READ MORE

Need dental implants in South Florida. Can someone please provide a recommendation?

I have a very complicated dental situation and and need a very good Oral or Periodontal surgeon who specializes in dental implants in South Florida. I have implants on both... READ MORE

Need dental implant on front lateral incisor tooth. Is a template necessary? Nervous!

I have decay under a front tooth crown that will need an implant. I have had numerous consultations and received a variety of conflicting ways on how this should be done. I... READ MORE

Recent comments from Bab1

Wow. Dr. Jablonka is definitely on my Christmas wish list. Thank you so much for all your posts, pictures and information. You look wonderful. READ COMMENT

I am sorry to say, but I do see some lumps under your eyes/ lower lids. Hopefully, these have gone down by now. :) READ COMMENT