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Breast Lift-no Implants-6 weeks post op new pic

I've had a TT done about 6 months ago and will be going for a lift on 9-12. I'll also have fat transfer from the inner thighs to my butt, and lipo of my back to improve my profie. 2 years ago I was 70lbs heavier, and am a single mom of one. With all the weightloss and motherhood My body has gone through a lot, and I feel very blessed at having the financial stability to be able to do this.... READ MORE

Looking for Advice About Smaller Big Boobs - Salt Lake City, UT

I just had a tummy tuck last week and wish I couldve afforded a lift/reduction with it. Im wondering if it would be worth it to get my girls lifted. When they lift, the size also goes down, which I would want. Im currently a 36DD and would like to be either a full B or small C. I notice a lot of people on here have much larger breasts than mine, and was wondering if anyone had ones like mine... READ MORE

1 YEAR!!!! post op

Single mom of a 6yo boy, looking forward to looking how I feel. I went for a consult in November and was told I might want to lose more weight so I've been doing HCG, and am now ready for a TT 25lbs later! So today I went to see my wonderful PS Dr Dunkley! Him and his staff are so incredible! I scheduled my pre op appt for the 28th of March, and the TT will be on April 11th! I'll need... READ MORE

Questions from chunkynomore

Tummy Tuck or Mommy Makeover?

I'm 5ft2, and 165lbs. I had a c section in '06, gained a lot of weight after (I was 220) and am now down to the 165. I was wondering if a mommy makeover would be worth... READ MORE

I Want to Get a TT Next Month, Need Advice on After Care Help

I'm new to my location and want to get a TT here next month. I know one person that on the day of can drop me off, pick me up, and pick my son up off the bus, cook him... READ MORE

Recent comments from chunkynomore

I felt the same way about spending the money....thoughts lke, this could be a down payment on a nice car, a good chunk for my son's college fund, a fun a year later when I look at myself in the mirror I think wow this... READ COMMENT

I hired an aide for the first 48 hours since I dont really know anyone out here. Just to get my son from the bus stop, cook meals, and help me re-position. You'll def need help from sitting to standing, and standing to sitting. Going to... READ COMMENT

Thanks, and congrats on your decision! My son also has autism, it's certainly not a show stopper. I look autism as having an easier way to communicate with my child with all the research out there! He may be lacking on social skills,... READ COMMENT

Thanks, but I would suggest running-the only reason I had lipo on my thighs was because I needed them to take it from somewhere to put in my butt, and getting a big butt isn't something that running or squats will help with. It's... READ COMMENT

Down to about 8 inches from my crotch. Mostly because I dont have much fat below that-I have really muscular thighs, so he took what he could READ COMMENT