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Ronnie, i think about march time this year, someone posted that they already had some procedure done to get rid of the fat very successfully, I can;t find those comments, do you maybe remember the name of the procedures? Two different... READ COMMENT

Hi sammiboe, can u post some pics for pre and post thermirf? or, tell us what kind of results did you get, is it worth doing it? READ COMMENT

Una, those are lumps, hard very noticeable lumps, Dr. Young called it "calcification" READ COMMENT

Emvicky21 , please if u find out some procedure how to get rid of those knots, let me know? Whenever that may be? I am considering eye job or if I find some laser posibly capable of dissolving them??? I will also let u know if... READ COMMENT

Hi Steph, saw ur pics, he did very good job. I am very impressed how he did it around the ears (besides u look great!) I can't see any scars on or around ears? Only little bit in the hair? How did he do that portion? Thanks READ COMMENT