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Newbie: Who Has Had Their Butt the Longest? - Atlanta, GA

Hello Ladies, I have been following this thread for some time. I am getting a new set of tits and mini tummy tuck compliments of breast cancer, and this is giving me the motivation to look more into the BBL. I have always wanted a BBL, but now I'm motivated more than ever. I see some really nice results, but what are the long term results like? Who has managed to have a successful BBL... READ MORE

Not for Sensitive Teeth! - Atlanta, GA

I should have saved my money! I have sensitive teeth and it was so painful that I couldn't even make it through the treatment! I think I did 2 of the 3 (or 4) 20 minute sessions. Also, some of the gel got on my gums and burnt the crap out of me!! I did Zoom prior to getting my veneers, but it was like a package thing. However, it didn't cross my mind that I wouldn't be able to use... READ MORE

Think Hard About Veneers - Atlanta, GA

Bottom line: i should have considered braces first to correct my tooth spacing, and probably followed up with a no/low prep veneer to fix shape of teeth (if needed). I have a slight overbite, somewhat small teeth, and some of my teeth were a little spacey. You couldn't really notice the spaciness because when I bit down, my bottom teeth would "fill in" the gaps from behind my... READ MORE

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How to Deal with Bad a Veneer?

I have veneers on my four front teeth. The two outer (smaller teeth) veneers have popped off a couple of times. I have gotten them re-cemented, but one has popped off again. I... READ MORE

No Prep Veneers After Porcelain Veneers?

I have posted a while back. I think I have re-cemented each my incisors 3 times. Now one is off again! I do have an overbite and I ended up purchasing a night guard. However,... READ MORE

Melting Pot of Surgeries: DIEP, Tummy Tuck, BBL?

I started researching BBL prior to my BC diagnosis. I will be looking at bilateral reconstruction ~ May 2013 and I want DIEP. I understand that this is NOT a full TUCK. If I... READ MORE

Pros and Cons of staying "fat" for surgery?

I gained 40 lbs during chemo. Ideally I'd like bilateral recon using DIEP but I have no idea when due to insurance issues. I fear losing weight because I don't want flap... READ MORE

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Hey lady, your results/reviews have always been one of my favorites to follow! You def give the procedure a great look. Keep up the inspiration :) READ COMMENT

I'm thinking of Dr. J as well. I look forward to following your story :) READ COMMENT

Sorry for all the typos lol, I meant to say that the no prep veneer technique is probably not perfected. What do you want to do? Correct large spacing -> braces Correct small spacing -> retainer or no prep veneers Correct shape... READ COMMENT

Nadiahoney couldn't have said it better. Almost a year later, my left incisor is off AGAIN making it four times and the price to recemented is $180. I could have paid for a new veneer by now. I don't plan to recement it, however, I want... READ COMMENT