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Rhinoplasty Patient Review - Egypt

I was a revision patient of Dr. Hossan Foda. To begin with, I do not think that he is a bad doctor but there are certain things about his service which put me off. When I first met him he was a gentleman. After Dr Hossam Foda 's surgery my nose has improved. However, I do not like the fact that Dr. Foda did not fully discuss with me certain changes he made to my nose. He also... READ MORE

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Is This a Cause of a Permanent HYPOpigmentation or It is New Regererated Skin Which Will Regain Its Color Once Exposed to Sun?

I had IPL for hair removal. I deveopled brown skin flaking and 2 blisters. After the brown flakes flaked away it left me with a pink skin. After some time some of the pink skin... READ MORE

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Do you have pictures please of the outcome of your surgery with Nolst Trenite? READ COMMENT

Hi Maria,,I just red your private message...So,,,to make it short. I had a revision with Foda costing about 10,000-11,000 USDollars, because in my opinion I needed a revision. I had a surgery with another doctor before Foda and Foda... READ COMMENT

Hi Maria,,,it s been quite some time since last surgery with this doctor. Nose have nt changed much since surgery w/ Foda. However, although I think that some parts of the nose are not up to 'optimum' w/ foda, I still think that he did... READ COMMENT

Considering V1 & vee_2323 say they are happy with their experience, I do nt think it will be a problem to post their pictures here (you could cover your eyes for anonymity)... In 2010 Dr Anil Shah was a member of the 'Medical... READ COMMENT

Has anyone posted the before/after pics of a rhino with Dr.Shah? Is Dr.Shah good with nose reconstructions? Thank you READ COMMENT