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Sculptra for Aging Face Made a Subtle Difference

If there would be an "undecided" option I would have picked that one. I had one injection of Sculptra 7 weeks ago. Till about week 6 I didn't see any effect. Now when I catch my image in a mirror somewhere I think: hmmm, I look good....I think... but I'm not really sure what changed. I'm 43 and didn't really have a lot of volume loss. I was at the point where some days I would still... READ MORE

Botox - It All Depends on the Skill of the Doctor

I've had Botox with 3 different doctors. One was great, with the other two I had terrible results. I learned that it all depends on the doctor. I started about 4 years agao with Doctor # 1. My eyelids started drooping, my eyebrows went up at the corners Jack Nicholson style. He never got my frown line area immobilised. Results lasted 4 weeks at best. Then I went to Dr. # 2.... READ MORE

Not Sure About This

I had Refirme twice as part of the Triniti treatment (in combination with FotoFacial and Matrix). I'm 43 and the skin under my chin is starting to become loose. I can see the beginning of jowls forming. My chin line is not as well defined anymore. The Refirme didn't had much effect on that. I was hoping it would tighten that area up again. Yes, my skin texture and color looks a little better... READ MORE

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I used RevitaLash for several month without any effect then stopped for a couple of month. Then I tried LiLash and after 8 weeks my lashes really started to grow. I was recently at my derm who told me I should be a model for Latisse. I... READ COMMENT

Actually my preferred doctor charges per Botox session and I prefer it that way. He just does whatever is necessary on my face at that time for a fixed price. Sometimes it's probably a little more and sometimes less. I figure it'll... READ COMMENT

I don't have a serious sagging issue and my "jowls" are very subtle so far. I can just see them begin to form (maybe I shouldn't even call them jowls yet). I'm a triathlete and don't have weigth issues. Looking at my mother my DNA... READ COMMENT