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Results from Fat Transfer, 2nd Session - Houston, TX

After a long 3 year struggle of having most of the fat in my face dissipate, I had several procedures to correct the damage (and negative vector) left after my cheeks started drooping. One of the procedures I had done is fat transfer (two times). I'm extremely happy with the results, I feel like myself again. It was only a component of all the things I had done to restore my face but a very... READ MORE

Questions from remainanonymous

Optimal Restylane/Radiesse Mix for Feminine Face?

I had buccal fat pads removed 10 years ago because I hated my puffy face. I'm 25 and until recently, I was very pleased with my look. But I've noticed that my face is... READ MORE

How Can I Restore my Cheeks 10 Years After Buccal Fat Removal? (photo)

I had *bolsas de bichat* removed (I think that's Spanish for buccal fat pads) a decade ago. Now I look completely different. My face is flat and not as attractive. What can... READ MORE

Should I Wait Until I Lose All of the Volume in my Cheeks Before Using Sculptra?

I had buccal fat pads removed 10 years ago. Ever since then I can literally feel when I'm burning through the fat. My cheeks feel hot and I have this throbbing feeling.... READ MORE

Can I Get Cheek Implants After or During a Sculptra Treatment?

Not literally DURING a treatment, but if I decided to initiate one treatment and then a month later decided to go with implants could I do that? Or how long would I have to wait? READ MORE

Why Does my Face Keep Getting Flatter? Considering Sculptra.

I had buccal fat removed 10 years ago. Within the last 3mos my face keeps losing an inordinate amount of vol. I got Radiesse a month ago, it helped a little. Considering more,... READ MORE

Should I Get Cheek Implants? Or an Alternative? (photo)

I got Radiesse and loved how it made my cheeks look right after. They were projected forward and it gave a nice asthetic. Then the swelling went away and my Dr. said more would... READ MORE

My Face Was Full But Lost a Lot of Volume and Midface Became Flat. Cheek Implants? Fat Graft? (photo)

My face was full but lost a lot of volume and my midface got flat. I had buccal fat pad removal 10 years ago and I'm more than convinced that's the reason. Looking into... READ MORE

Had Buccal Fat Pad Removal, Now Considering PERIORAL MOUND LIPO? (photo)

Had buccal fat pad removal over 10 years ago and am now considering perioral mound lipo. I'm afraid that I bear more risk than the typical person, however. Ever since buccal... READ MORE

Consider Canthopexy and Fat Transfer?

I've read if you get canthopexy you should get cheek lift to support it. Wondering if fat transfer (to the cheek area) would help provide sufficient support for canthopexy.... READ MORE

Can Cheeklift Be Performed with Cheek Implants?

I have malar implants (which span and cover part of my orbital rim, downward to about my mid nose). I'm considering a canthopexy but I hear you need to have sufficient support... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Temples Too Much? (photo)

Had fat transfer to face (cheeks/temples). Pics show me today, 11 days post-op. Was excited for first couple of days post-op but now starting to get restless and worried. Seems... READ MORE

Reverse Fat Transfer to Temples? (photo)

I'm more than 2mos post op with fat-grafting. My temples still look far too large and make my eyes look small, I miss the contour I used to have there. How effective would... READ MORE

Best Option for Cheek Enhancement? (photo)

Interested in cheek enhancement. Already have cheek (suborbital) implants and fat transfer, but still not enough projection. Considering below to grant me sufficient... READ MORE

Steroid Injections to Correct Fat Graft?

Steroid shot helped a lot to correct over-grafted temples, but they're still too large. 1. How long does it take to see the full results of the steroid shot? 2. How long will... READ MORE

Type of Cheek Implant? (photo)

I have cheek implants (span from orbital rim to about mid-nose) but they don't grant enough projection. Considering exchanging for bigger ones with more projection. Dr. says I... READ MORE

Best Accutane Regimen for 40mg (2x/day)?

Wk2 of Accutane, 2nd time doing it (first time 5-6 yrs ago). Itchy scalp and sunburnt face. Face naturally oily before Accutane and continues to be oily but at the same time... READ MORE

Can my canthopexy be reversed? (photo)

Had canthopexy 1 yr ago now considering reversal. Sclera was showing but don’t like small eyes now. Had cheek implants to get rid of negative vector, now considering c... READ MORE

Recent comments from remainanonymous

Thank you! I think it was caused by dramatic weight loss. I got to a point where i was working out every day and not eating properly. my body gave up, and my cheeks started deflating and started sagging READ COMMENT

Thank you foxy. I'm not sure which picture you're talking about but if it's the second one, it seems the fat didn't quite "stick" as much as I wanted there. I will prob have to use fillers for that. READ COMMENT

Labgirl- It's difficult to tell after the procedure, even months after because you're still so swollen. So the first time I didn't exactly notice the moment that it stopped reabsorbing the fat transferred, I just noticed a period... READ COMMENT

I hope this helped and I hope you find a solution to your problem. I know how devastating and debilitating it can be to not feel like yourself. READ COMMENT

Recovery time was lengthy for me especially considering that I went through it twice. I'm in month 6 and I think I'm still "recovering". Your face can take odd shapes during the recovery time which is a bit disconcerting but you start... READ COMMENT