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Are you still numb? READ COMMENT

Yes, it was intended for you and thanks for the info. Did you read on I think her name was Russo-123 or something like that, that another girl went to him and she as well got blisters and that the doctor is not board certified and does... READ COMMENT

Wow, lots of work. Are you nervous? Did he have lots of good words to inspire you on your new body? I have a consult with him this Thursday. I'm totally not sleeping at night just thinking about it. READ COMMENT

OMG, maybe i'll see you there on Thursday. I'm going for a consult with Dr. G. I'm excited and nervous. I try not to think about the money my vanity is costing me but he's having a spring special so fingers crossed it all sounds good. READ COMMENT

I was thinking of going to this dr. do you think you paid too much and what is the difference between saddlebags and flanks? Why your upper and lower abdomen? READ COMMENT