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Reviews by Bullet

Strattice After Having Implants for 38 Years - Arizona

I've had implants for 38 years now. Probably had 10 re-do's due to capsulation. Finally went 2 years ago and had strattice put in. They finally sit lower like they should and he lowered nipples to be even. I've always had trouble with the left breast sitting too high and it still has a... READ MORE

Questions from Bullet

Can You Do Face Tightening with a Titanium Piece in Your Cheek Bone?

I broke my cheekbone in an accident and at 64 years young I am getting sciton skintyte....but they are scared to go up my face by my cheekbone. Is there a problem with that? READ MORE

Is There a Skin Tightening "At Home" Machine That is Safe?

Is There a Skin Tightening "At Home" Machine That is Safe? READ MORE

What is the Difference Between Ultra Therapy Skin Tightening and Sciton Skin Tightening?

I keep hearing of new things coming out and I'm wondering if there is a diiference in these two....Ultra Therapy and Sciton for face or body tightening of skin. READ MORE

Which is Better for Fat Loss and Skin Tightening Considering Nonevasive Machines?

Does one non-evasive machine do them both, especially in older woman...60 and over READ MORE

Slit for Belly Button?

I had tummy tuck and lipo...it's been 8 weeks now and my belly button is a mere small slit . What I am wondering is.. do we need a belly button to be open or can it just be... READ MORE

Massage After Tummy Tuck and Lipo?

Everyone talks about massaging the scar...but no one says how to do it or our hard etc. Can you massage the stomach if it is still sore to the touch after 5 months? Is... READ MORE

Can a Revision Be Done on Implant with Strattice to Just Lower the Implant, Nothing Else?

I have had revision of my implants with strattice put in, but one boob is slightly higher than the other and I have to adjust bra straps all the time. I would like to know if... READ MORE

Who Do You Go to for a Biopsy with Strattice?

I might have to go for a biopsy for my breast. I have strattice in both nipples and around bottom. They want to go in my nipples. I'm afraid it will wreck the strattice.....so... READ MORE

Could ThermiRF help improve sagging on my neck and round my mouth?

Have you heard of this and can it do something for a 67 year old with slight sagging around the mouth and slight sagging on the front of the neck? What does it entail? READ MORE

ThermiRF; Can I still get thermitight for my scar?

I forgot to include a very important part of my question regarding thermirf skin tightening. I got in an accident and have a scar with a titanium screw in my cheekbone...... READ MORE

Regarding vacuum therapy. Can you use your own vacuum?

This may be a crazy question but I got synergie treatments in Washington and loved them and I'm over 60 years old. They greatly improved my skin. I live in Arizona and cannot,... READ MORE

Pooch after TT. Why?

I am 68 and I had a hysterectomy at 47 and the scar indented ( no kids). He took out the scar tissue but couldn't cut that low for a tummy tuck. Had a tummy tuck but it can... READ MORE

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I'm curious as to how they turned out....been there, done that READ COMMENT

About 10 months.....but they move when I walk now....I guess that's a plus!!!! READ COMMENT

Probably 8 to 10 months.....but they move when I walk...that's a plus!!!!! READ COMMENT

Dr. Cohen in Scottsdale Arizona READ COMMENT

Around nipples and under each boob. READ COMMENT