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You should be good may take a little bit but it'll come back. READ COMMENT

This is a copy & can do some more research for yourself. I've used both and I remember liking the Cadella GentleLASE a lot more. They're both good but if it were me I'd be using the Candella (and I do). The lag is more for... READ COMMENT

Also, you want a tech who uses a Candella not a Lightsheer. READ COMMENT

She didn't miss anything. The hair comes off in patches....or in your case, lines. The hair may come back but it may take a long time, if ever. These lasers are no joke. I will say that the neck does respond very well to laser. If you... READ COMMENT

Bro. Go find a good tech who uses a Candella. Continue with the treatments. Accept the fact that this is something you're going to have to maintain for the rest of your life. I now go in three times a every four months for a... READ COMMENT