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Loved Results of Restylane Silk for Eye Trough - New Haven, CT

I feel that Restylane Silk worked even better than Boltero for my under eye area (placed carefully on rim, not in actual under eye pocket). In conjunction with a little Radiesse in upper cheek, I no longer have rings under my eyes or deep depressions. Although I initially liked Boltero, Silk... READ MORE

Dr. Javier Davila - Wonderful Plastic Surgeon. New Haven, CT

With age, my face has lost fat. Having strong features (cheekbones, jawline, strong chin) the lack of fat was definitely making me look angular with a flattened profile. A fat transfer was able to help build natural softness back into my face. I waited to review because I wanted to see over... READ MORE

Very Very Pleased -New Haven, CT

Did a wonderful job to make the under eye sunkeness practically disappear. Really think the key is a very very skilled plastic surgeon who understands the underlying structures. No bruising and the injection site swelling went down within an hour or so. Took Bromelin for a few days before... READ MORE

Like the Results Better Than Other Fillers - New Haven

So far I am very pleased with the Radiesse for volumizing the upper cheek area and tear through (NOT right under the eye). I had had Perlane in the same area before and thought that was o.k. but in my case the Perlane seemed more streaky and self contained to the touch while the Radiesse seemed... READ MORE

Mid-face Done - New Haven

I had the Ulthera done on my mid face because I was unhappy with the laxness of the skin on the lower half of my face, specifically on either side of my mouth in the cheek hollows towards the chin. It had been getting increasingly more noticeable to me when I looked in the mirror and leaned in... READ MORE

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I do not post pics but am still really happy with the results. The tear trough area injections at the bone don't hurt, perhaps because it is pretty much just skin there. I had Radiesse in my cheekbones the same day and when that needs... READ COMMENT

I have not had any reduction in the positive effect. I am still very very pleased. Definitely has already lasted longer then the Boletero did. In response to the question, I did not feel any pain from the injections on the eye rim but... READ COMMENT

I have undergone numerous procedures with Dr. Davila and personally know more than a half dozen women who had had both invasive and non-invasive procedures performed by him. He is an exceptional surgeon and practitioner, professional,... READ COMMENT

Thank you so very much for posting. READ COMMENT

Yep. still very happy weeks later. saw family this past weekend and everyone thought I looked great. looking to see how long it lasts. given it is in low mobility area, it should last quite a while. READ COMMENT