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I just saw this.. i have been trying to find mendieta reviews and b4 and after pics from REAL people to no avail.. hmm maybe this explains why... READ COMMENT

No i found u in google she is on real self too just go thru profiles im saying she prob wrote something on ur page n thats how i saw her profile.. ask on ur main page im sure someone there will know who it is.. and u kinda do have a... READ COMMENT

Oh ok, prob if u gained a lot of weight, that would be ur only option for doing ur mid section.. but like i said arms and thighs may have some fat in them?? amyway i looked through so many profiles right now trying to find that girl for... READ COMMENT

Ummm ill find her for u give me a sec.. no u wernt bugging me it was a slang for like stop stessing, coz u look gorgeous.. :) oh i ddnt know he did ur thighs.. but i mean thighs always have meat on them.. but i would not touch ur torso... READ COMMENT

OK So i had never REAALLYYY checked out JLO s ass like that and after ur comment i just did a thorough examination of her pics.. and umm,, u are like wayyyy bigger?? so again i duno what u see when u lookin in the mirror, but it aint... READ COMMENT