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Make sure your surgeon is board certified!!!!!!!!! Tucson, az

Hi! So I am a 25 year old mom of two beautiful little girls. Much like most of you on here, my oldest daughter destroyed my tummy! I was about 105 lbs when I got pregnant. Everyone told me "enjoy being pregnant and eating a ton of food! You will bounce right back!"...Well, I didn't. I just gained a ton of weight, gave birth to a 9 lb baby, and when I "bounced back" my tummy looked like a... READ MORE

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My Old Belly Button Piercing is Still There After Tummy Tuck. Any Way to Get Rid Of It?

It's honestly kind of embarrassing. He pulled all the skin down and it looks really nice. I mean, the scar is higher than I would have liked and it has raised my pubic hair... READ MORE

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I went to a doctor that i trusted and he was awful. He lied to me, he did my surgery wrong! It was so bad! DOCTOR DRYDEN!!! Do not go there!!! He is not even a real plastic surgeon, although he claims to be. Dr Nelson is very nice and... READ COMMENT

Hi karina! I'm in Tucson too. I just got my TT done on march 26th. So far so good. My best advice to you is not to look in the mirror for about two weeks because when I did I cried lol. Now 2 weeks PO and it looks much better than it... READ COMMENT

I'm sorry, I haven't been on in a while. I got my surgery March 26th so I am 2 weeks post op. It is looking a lot better and I feel a lot better. I have a couple problems. First, my belly button looks really weird. I don't know if I am... READ COMMENT

The swelling WILL go down. My mom had a TT and hers looked exactly the same!!! It looks great now! The only problem with hers is that for some reason the dr had to cut a vertical scar from her bellybutton down to her pubic area. It was... READ COMMENT

OMG! I am having a Tummy tuck hopefully in Feb. My date isn't completely set, and I am terrified, but really excited!!! I am small, but lots of extra skin in the center of my tummy. I am more nervous about where the scar will be....I... READ COMMENT