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Lots of Small Wounds All Around Areola After Reduction. Will These Small Wounds Heal?

Two months ago I had the areola of my left breast reduced. A lot of scab has formed all around the areola and the scars are still red. My underwear sticks to the scab. As a... READ MORE

Allergic Reaction to Medical Tape After Areola Reduction Suggery and Liposuction, Will this Affect the Scars?

Hello and happy new year to all, Well, 10 weeks ago I had liposuction of the left breast and areola size reduction. The areola formed scab at certain places. Some of the scab... READ MORE

Areola Skin Forming Thin Layer of Scab. Should I Clean or Leave the Scab Alone?

I've asked a previous question. I am experiencing minor problem after areola size reduction surgery. At some places, the areola skin is still healing. Very small... READ MORE

For How Long Does a Woman Need to Wear Compression Garment After Breast Liposuction?

Dear Doctors, My uncle is a gynecologist and he has always told me that a woman should not wear a bra constantly. Told me that if a woman constantly wears a bra, the support... READ MORE

I Have Very Slight Skin Wrinkling After Breast Liposuction. Will It Stay Like This?

Hello, Yes, I am 30 years old and three months back I had liposuction of the left breast only. It was slightly larger than the right one, a cup size and I had minimal... READ MORE

Is It Possible That Surgery for Areola Size Reduction Give You Mild Ezcema?

I really don't understand what's happening. Had the areola of my left breast reduced. Two months post surgery the areola started to have very small openings and after... READ MORE

During Liposuction Follow-Up Appointment the Doctor Didn't Comment on Whether or Not I Need Touch Up, is This Normal?

Had liposuction of the left breast more than 3 months ago. Went for my last appointment and the doctor looked at my breasts but did not say anything on the results. The left... READ MORE

Wearing a Bra Constantly After 4 Months of Liposuction of Breast Gives Me Bruise Like Pain. Kindly Advise

4 months back I had liposuction of the left breast. Had minor complications but resolved now. The problem is that I also had the size of my areola reduced and I wear a sport... READ MORE

Areola Reduction: 4 Months and a Half Post Surgery, Small Area Still Infamed. Do I Need to Worry?

Hello to all of you, I had the areola of my left breast reduced. I don't think the dotor used permanent sutures as the incision line is smooth. All I know is that the dotor... READ MORE

Considering Whether or Not I Should Have Breast Reduction to Correct Moderate Asymmetry After Lipo Didn't Give Me Great Results.

Hello, Last October, had my breast asymmetry corrected, left larger than the right one by a cup size. The surgeon decided to do a liposuction as in his opinion there was not... READ MORE

Can Breast Liposuction Cause Trauma to Breast Leading to Breast Pain Before Periods?

Hello, I am 30 and 5 months ago, I had liposuction of the left breast only. Since a few months, I noticed that one week before having my periods, I have soreness of the left... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Have Breast Reduction Surgery when U Have Permanent Sutures Around Areola?

I have uneven breasts and had lipo of the bigger breast to reduce its volume five months ago. I have better symmetry, same nipple height but breast still bigger. Considering to... READ MORE

Is It Always Necessary to Cut Around the Areola While Performing Breast Reduction?

Hello, I am considering to have breast reduction as my left breast is still slightly bigger and hang lower than the right one after liposuction. The areola is of the same size,... READ MORE

In Case a Woman Has Breasts Which Are Only Asymmetrical but Same Areola Size and Nipple Height, What Do You Recommend?

Hello, Six months ago , a plastic surgeon reduced the size of my left breast using liposuction alone. I was naive and thought he knows what he's doing. But now I think what... READ MORE

Laser Liposuction or Body Jet Liposuction for Removing of Abdominal Fat? Still Undecided

Hello, I always wanted to get rid of the fat found in the region of my abdomen. So far I consulted 2 plastic surgeons. I have been offered 2 options by 2 different plastic... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Do Breast Reduction for the Second Time on the Same Breast?

Hello, When I was 24 years old, I had surgery (inverted T approach) to reduce the size of my left breast only as it was bigger than the right one. I had no complications at all... READ MORE

Eurowave Claimed to Be the Ultimate Slimming Down Machine That Builds Muscle Mass. Another Machine to Fool People?

Hello. "Eurowave machine performs inch loss, and can lift and contour the body by actually building new muscle mass. The Eurowave uses a 400Hz and 600Hz pulsating faradic wave,... READ MORE

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You may find my comment nasty. The only ones for whom I really feel concerned are those women who had breast reconstruction after breast cancer. All the others had breast augmentation only for cosmetic reasons. There is excessive... READ COMMENT