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Time4changes, Hey well my recovery has been great I'm loving my results, just anxious for the swelling to go down :/ I returned to work a week after. I'm usually very active do the pain was not as bad. The bruising and swelling I... READ COMMENT

Hey I just had mine done on the 28th and was wondering how much of the fat you were able to keep. I got 1400 in each cheek so I'm pretty content right now with my results ! But still looking forward to my end results ! READ COMMENT

Hey bblange! Just wondering how you're doing a yr after your surgery! Were u able to keep most of the fat. Just got mine done with Dr.Hegg and wanted to know how effective it'll be 1 yr after surgery... READ COMMENT

Hey girl, i just had my bbl done and had 1300ccs injected in each cheek, just wondering how much of the fat u were able to keep. you look great by the way congrats! READ COMMENT

Hey pink fairy i just had my bbl done yesterday and im loving the results, i got 1300 in each cheek, has yours gone down dramatically? and how did u do it to leave from san leandro to la did u sit on a pillow? im flying over there so... READ COMMENT