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Hi There so sorry as I have only just re-visited this site. I had no idea my implants had ruptured, all I knew was that they were very hard, uncomfortable and looked horrendous! I went to the hospital as I found a small hard lump in my... READ COMMENT

Thank you for your comments and telling me your story, it sounds like you hit the nail on the head when stating the importance of a good surgeon, this is key if your thinking about implants. I had mine replaced back in February last... READ COMMENT

Hi There, can I ask if you have experienced any other health issues, such as hair loss,aching joints or stiffness in joints first thing in the morning or when being sat in the same position for a period of time? My right silicone... READ COMMENT

Hi, I had silicone implants put in in Jan 1999, they became hard about 5 years after, but 2 years ago I had a gurgling sensation which I could hear and feel and my right nipple seemed to be off centre, I was told by a surgeon then that... READ COMMENT