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I Am 18 Years Old and I Want to Change my Facial Structure, What Do You Suggest? (photo)

I am sending you my face shape which is number 1 and i want it like number 2.i want edges in my face.i do not have camera so that i can send you my original picture. thank you READ MORE

I Am A Thin Male With Loose Facial Skin, What Are My Options To Tighten It?

I am 19 a year old male and I am thin. I have a long face but my skin is very loose and gives bad shape to my face. When I pull my cheek and jaw skin towards my ear it gives a... READ MORE

Is Rhytidectomy Right for me?

I am 19 years old and thin . i have asked previously about rhytidectomy because my skin is loose.but i was suggested that it is not for me and doctors asked for my picture.i am... READ MORE

What Are My Options For An Overbite?

I am 20 years old and i have slight overbite .i feel like my lower jaw is stopped from moving forward. i want to know that braces will help to move my lower jaw forward ,or... READ MORE

Thin and Loose Facial Skin on 20yo Male, What Are My Options?

I am 20 years old boy.height 6'1''.Weight = facial skin is very loose and thin.i have high cheekbones but due to my loose skin my face looks puffy.i want to... READ MORE

How Can I Reduce Cheek Volume?

I am 20years old.height 6'1"".weight =61kg.i have high and pronounced cheekbones but still my cheek looks there any way to reduce cheek volume to make... READ MORE

What are the est Skin Tightening Procedures for the Face?

My age is 21 years.i have lost slight weight and as a result , i have loose skin on my face.i have been suggested exilis,thermage ,laser skin tightening.please help me to let... READ MORE

Thermage Vs Exilis Vs Titan for Skin Tightening?

I have to go for skin tightening procedure this week ,i want to consult that which amongst is best for skin tightening and please tell me the difference between them as this... READ MORE