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Immediate Results, Very Little Pain - New Haven, CT

This is my first experience with fillers. I had some "glamour shots" done recently, which came out very well! But in the casual poses/light check shots I could see a crumpled and hollow area next to my mouth, to the side and under the corners of my lips! My mom has an awfully weak chin, and is very wrinkled, so why I thought I would escape that fate, I don't know! So as soon as I could I... READ MORE

I Trust Esana MedSpa - New Haven, CT

I went in for my first IPL treatment today. I paid 1/3 of the cost of a set of three, because that's how they do it. The RN (Stephanie) explained that it will hurt, that I'll see my sun damage get darker and then about 7 days after the skin will fall off revealing perfect skin underneath. I have been using SkinMedica Retinol about three times a week for about a year and I had Ultherapy... READ MORE

Do It! - New Haven, CT

It hurt like crazy, took about an hour and I was able to go right to work afterwards. A true lunchtime procedure. My doctor, Dr Deborah Pan in New Haven, CT, also gave me Botox the same day. I saw tightening right away, and now, 10 days later, my nasolabial lines are noticeably shallower. I'll check in after 14/20 days Okay - it's almost four weeks post mid-face and... READ MORE

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Oooh! I love Nordi's. Do you shop at Westfarms or are you not in CT? READ COMMENT

I massage to stimulate circulation, to keep my pores clean and because it feels good!! I got the idea and technique from Shiseido. They make a firming massage cream that I've loved for years. READ COMMENT

I was pretty aggressive in my massage, but then again, I always use a firm, but smooth touch, when I massage my face. I do a facial massage daily. READ COMMENT

One thing I was told is to be reasonable in what you expect, both in terms of dramatic results and the rapidity of those results. I can FEEL the difference more than the eye can see it, unless I look at photos. Be sure to take... READ COMMENT

Hi Antonia! No, she didn't go right on the NL fold, but very close. Nor did she go over my throat, because it isn't safe for the thyroid gland. READ COMMENT