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From Saggy to Sexy!!! - Charlotte, NC

This is my 4th attempt at breast aug due to cap con reoccurring in my right breast (3 times) Originally I had silicone overs. Even after getting cap cons I still say its worth it. Going back to flat and saggy wasn't an option for me. I decided to try the least invasive procedures first meaning since my left breast was fine I was just attempting to fix that one. When that didn't work after 2... READ MORE

Capsular Contracture Again After Capsulectomy - Charlotte, NC

My original implant date was 2/15/12 as part of a Mommy Makeover you can read that review as well. I developed a CC around 4 months PO. I did a capsulectomy on 2/18/12 where we used the same implant after removing the capsule. At around 6 weeks later approximately 3/21/13 I developed a CC. This time it happened sooo fast. One day it wasn't there and the next it was in FULL effect!!! I had no... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover Here I come Charlotte, NC

Hi everyone! I am a mommy of 4 beautiful children (22,13,4,1). 5'5 135lbs and I am a 34 saggy A :( During breastfeeding I was a nice 34DD or D which I loved! Each time I prayed against it but each time they deflated seemingly more and more. I have had 4 c-sections and breastfed 3 of the 4 of them for approximately 2 years each! Every since my first I always knew I wanted to get them... READ MORE

Questions from FitDiva

Will a Donut Lift Work for Me? Do I Need A Full or Mini TT? (photo)

I want to get breast aug, lift & TT. I'm 37 and I've had 4 children/4 c-sections no keyloid-ing. Do you think the TT is worth the trade off since muscles are not... READ MORE

Is 2 1/2 Hours Reasonable for MM- TT & BA and Lift?

I've meet with 6 PS's & for the same procedure I was quoted 2 1/2-5 hours! How can it vary so much. Price varied from 10k to 18k. Is 2 1/2 reasonable for a MM? I... READ MORE

Does Subfacial Placement Interfere with Mammogram Readings?

I am looking at getting silicone implants placed subfascially and wanted to see how this placement will affect mammograms. Also because they are silicone over the muscke would... READ MORE

Will I Be Able to Get a Full TT with a Short Scar? (photo)

I met with quite a few PS's before selecting my PS. 2 of them I consulted with told me I can get a Full TT with a short scar just a little bit longer that my c -section... READ MORE

Will a TT Redo Fix This TT Scar and This BB Issue? (photo)

I was never happy with the positioning of this scar. It's much too high and its sticks out of every pair of underwear & bikini bottom that I have and even a pair of low... READ MORE

Can You Switch from Subfascial to Sub Muscular?

What does it take to switch from subfascial to submuscular? Is it risky or hard to seal off the pocket to prevent the implant from slipping back to the Subfascial pocket? How... READ MORE

What can be done to fix this belly button? (photos)

I got a FTT in 2/12 & after surgery my surgeon informed me that he found my bb to be floating. So he attempted to create one. I had it corrected twice once by his colleague &... READ MORE

Can this be fixed? Umbilicoplasty maybe? (photo)

Can this be fixed. Is there a procedure that an fix this result I received after getting a bad tummy tuck done. I now have no belly button and I'm much worse off than I was.... READ MORE

Discussions started by FitDiva

Need Dr recommendations for no drain TT in Charlotte, NC

Does anybody have any Dr. recommendations for a PS that does the no drain procedure? Of the two surgeons I have narrowed it down to, neither of them to no drain TT's. I am... READ MORE

Recent comments from FitDiva

Im doing great! Boobies are looking good!! No problems here either. I only wish i did strattice sooner. Im a happy girl!! READ COMMENT

Glad to see you are doing so well!!! Heres to strattice!! Lol. READ COMMENT

Miss heather dawn there is hope dont give up! Im sad to hear that its been 10 years. Try these gummies i love them. If i had only gotten them the first time or even the second!! But better late than never right! Hang in there READ COMMENT

Post gummy has been great! The result is awesome and I still have more time before they settle completely. Since i have had so many revision recovery was not a breeze as I ended up with a seroma but after that subsided I am doing great... READ COMMENT

Thanks Beth! I feel so much better about these. So far things are wonderful! They look sooo much better. Type of implant definitely makes a difference. READ COMMENT