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1-29-11-TT with hip lipo

I'm a young mother of two, 17 and 5! They are amazing but ruined the belly! I run, swim, lift weights and take zumba, nothing would touch the belly. I was so sick of trying to fit jeans to my legs and butt, then having to figure out what to do about the squishy mass. Let's not even talk about bathing suits, needless to say the skirt is no longer needed!!! I love my new belly, who knew... READ MORE

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I had my TT 11/29/12, my PS wouldn't clear anything for 8 weeks :( and then only light till 10 needless to say it was way more time off that I had expected. I started running after about 4 weeks I attempted 10 miles of hill 8... READ COMMENT

I have swelling bellow the belly button, if I sit to long. I'm back to excersize; running, zumba, swimming all 5 days a week. Not back to usual gym days... I feel flabby, I'm up 5 lbs. And can't kick the sweets, I'm a stress eater and... READ COMMENT

Thatcis the one thing I forgot to ask my PS, if I had to wear any of the compression stuff... garments, flexies, I hate them all. So I quit wearing them this week, when I started back to zumba. I'm terribly swollen after swimming laps,... READ COMMENT

I just started working out this week. I'm 8 wk PO, I've been running, swimming and to zumba classes. Not wearing any if the garb, it feels great I've hated all that duff from the get go. My guts are what's sore, nit my muscles... So weird! READ COMMENT

@yellow- I never did bruise, not too bumpy just big divots :) I rub them in the shower, but maybe more often. I got the ok yesterday to exercise. Swap laps this morning and will do zumba toning tonight, back to running and gym tomorrow,... READ COMMENT