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Septoplasty / Rhinoplasty in Less Than a Week! - San Diego, CA

Cost is after insurance btw, my portion after deductible and 20%...in other words, my total out of pocket for the procedure. I had surgery for a deviated septum when I was 15 due to breathing troubles. Now at 37, it's become clear that my surgeon back then botched the job and failed to fix it (which was confirmed by my new surgeon) and I swear that my nose became bigger since that... READ MORE

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Take a look at the pic of me in the red shirt, and the one with the beanie on. If you look close, you can really see the asymmetry. I was actually VERY objectionable. Yes, He did the orig surgery, then the revision, which was a... READ COMMENT

Hey there! I had a septo/rhino done almost 3 years ago. It was quite a journey...but once I decided to do it, there was no looking back. As in, once I decided to go through with it...looking at my nose bothered me so much more until... READ COMMENT

Updated my Doctor info. 34 months post op. Some assymmetry left, but acceptable to me as the option was a 2nd revision! I'll accept it being "good enough." I'm not a 20yr old fashion model, I'm a 40 yr old surfer, motorcyclist, etc.... READ COMMENT

What is difficult is from going from something that almost seemed good enough to being disfugured again. Time will tell as the swelling goes down as there is still more than a bit of swelling at the incision site that will take more... READ COMMENT

Good for you. And all your update pics look great! I'm feeling about the same as you. It's feeling more normal but wondering when it'll feel completely norm. Insurance finally paid, and not near as much as I had been expecting. =( ... READ COMMENT