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Thermage - Henderson, NV

I have a bit of loose skin around my eyes and rather than doing an eye lift the doctor recommended this procedure. He said this would be a great way to help without needing to take time off to heal from the surgery. Also I there would be no incisions. So I went ahead and did it. I will admit at times the procedure was a little uncomfortable, but the Dr. does everything to make it as... READ MORE

I am quite bruise and was little nervous - Awesome Doctor! - Las Vegas, NV

I came across Dr. Khorsandi when trying to find a dr. to correct belotero( there was too much and it was done to superficially). My original dr. said they couldn't fit me in for over 2 weekes :(. I sent him an email from real self, and he himself actually replied. Also they fit me in the next day to dissolve. They even did a recheck a couple days later which actually was a holiday ( never... READ MORE

Boletero - Las Vegas, NV

My experience was not good with belotero. I had it because it was suppose to give a smoother look then the other fillers. I ended up looking worse with a big blue puffy bag. The doctor injected too much and too superficial because I also had the tyndall effect which I thought this filler was suppose to not have. I just had it dissolved yesterday and will refill with something else. READ MORE

Recent comments from Andrea6029

I know problems can happen from filler as everyone does react differently to them. But after waitng a few weeks and knowing it wasn't normal swelling, I think more should have been done to get me in then just saying the soonest I... READ COMMENT

I am schedule to do the dermapen with her tomorrow. How red were you? Will I be able to go to work the next day ? How deep did you go with the needles? What were your immediate results. READ COMMENT

The dr I went to doesn't use belotero anymore. Belotero is suppose to be a hreat filler because you can use it more superficially. However with it you still grt the tyndall effect and he had that happen to quite a few patients so he... READ COMMENT

Don't worry. You can dissolve the belotero. I had it done and it looked horrible. The dr put to much and it was too superficial so it looked like i had a big blue bag under my eye. I found another dr who was awesome and dissolved it and... READ COMMENT

It did get rid of all the filler. It took me 2 sessions though. I then waited a week and had restalyne put in becuase I had to balance out everything ( it was only one side that was bad with the belotero). That was 2 days ago. Right now... READ COMMENT