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Can I Have a Fascia Graft on Top of a Fascia Graft?

I had a bad nose job where the bridge was scooped out. I had a decent revision where a fascia graft was used to build it up, yet it is still a bit flat and undefined. Can I get... READ MORE

What is the Name of This Rhinoplasty Nostril Technique?

When or if I choose to go in for a consultation for a revision rhinoplasty, I would like to know the name of the rhinoplasty technique where the the fatty tissue under the skin... READ MORE

Can an Alarplasty Be Done Under Local Anasthesia?

Im curious as to whether alarplasty can be done under local anasthesia? Can any rhinoplasty be done this way? READ MORE

Chin Implant Removal Years Later?

I had a chin implant placed in my chin through a small one inch incision underneathe my chin six years ago in 2006. I'm thinking of removing it. I'll probably have the surgery... READ MORE

Planning on 3rd Revision Rhinoplasty, In Your Opinion How Much Risk Involved with Cartilage Graft (photo)?

I'm planning on getting a third revision rhinoplasty but I want to make sure it is my last. My nostrils are a bit pinched and using cartilage from my rib to fill in the tip and... READ MORE

Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty and Collagen?

I was told by a surgeon that after two to three treatments of nonsurgical rhinoplasty (being injected with radiesse or restylane) the body can produce collagen that fills in... READ MORE

Recommendations for Alarplasty Surgeon in California?

After considering many techniques, I have decided that I want to reduce my nostrils with some form of alarplasty. If there is any name or names that come to mind when it comes... READ MORE

What Can VY Advancement In Rhinoplasty Achieve?

What can vy advancement in rhinoplasty achieve? I don't understand what this technique corrects in terms of fixing nostrils? READ MORE

Can Repetitive Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty Become Permanent?

I heard that constantly replenishing the amount of filler in one's nose (such as Radiesse) can eventually lead to permanent results, the theory being that natural collagen will... READ MORE

Costal Cartilage Graft Overtime?

I have been considering revision rhinoplasty with autologous costal cartilage but am apprehensive. If you have a rib graft (let's say at 25 years old) how will the result... READ MORE

Artefill or Silikon-1000 in the Nose?

I was told I needed a complex, graft-filled revision. Because of this and my experience with bad surgeries, I am seriously considering nonsurgical correction with either... READ MORE

VY advancement for narrowing nostrils. (photo)

Would love to know how many doctors use this technique for cosmetic rhinoplasty. I have wide set nostrils that I think would benefit from this instead of sill/weir excisions.... READ MORE

What are all of the rhinoplasty techniques for narrowing, thinning, and refining the base (columella and nostrils) of the nose?

I wanted to know all of the rhinoplasty techniques for narrowing, thinning, and refining the base (columella and nostrils) of the nose. Even if they are radical and rarely... READ MORE

What are the best types of postoperative steroids for Revision Rhinoplasty?

Hello, I recently had revision rhinoplasty. So far the results are great. The tip, however, is still swollen and might need steroids. The swelling seems to fluctuate day to day... READ MORE

Asking doctor for touch up as my nostrils are still too big. Is he likely to fix this for free, or at a reduced price?

I recently had a revision rhinoplasty and it was very expensive. I paid roughly 25,000. The result is great but I really wanted my nostrils to have been more reduced. I have... READ MORE

Unhappy with revision rhinoplasty result. Any suggestions?

I had a first revision rhinoplasty (around 15K) and then a revision (around 20K) with the same surgeon. I have scars on my head (fascia graft) and chest (rib graft) from these... READ MORE

Cutting out scar tissue in nose after revision rhinoplasty, what can I do?

I had two revision rhinoplasties both involving rib. In each revision the doctor noted LOTS of scar tissue. Now my nose is great with some thick internal scar tissue. He said... READ MORE