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If your talking about facial wrinkles then the CO2 laser is the best answer. Then if you want even more tightening, I would follow it up with Thermage. I know the reviews on Thermage are not great, but if you read closely, most of the... READ COMMENT

You would be better off going with a new technology called SmartXide Dot Therapy. It gives the doctor more flexibility to customize a procedure for each client. The other benefit is that there is no downtime...like you would see with... READ COMMENT

As far as I know from seeing a FIG contract, the fine print says that you must maintain your body weight and that it is Fig's discretion on whether or not you got results. If they were still open, that translates to "you're not going... READ COMMENT

Thermage actually is the best skin tightening device on the market right now. There was a huge study about just how good the treatment was, and it came back with: >80% of people get instant results, and after 6 months >90% saw results... READ COMMENT

A good Thermage treatment will take about 2.5 hours. What worries me is that she said that she didn't feel anything. This means the energy levels were nowhere near where they should be to do any results. You should feel intense heat... READ COMMENT