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Is It Ok to Use Restylane 18 Months After Using Juvederm Under the Eyes

I had juvederm injected under my eyes 18 months ago, about 3 weeks ago I had the dissolving agent injected to remove small bumps, it seems to have removed the remaining... READ MORE

Does Juvederm or Restalyne Leave a Purplish Brown Stain Under Eyes? Can CO2 Fractional Laser Remove Pigmentation?

19 months ago I had juvederm under eyes to get rid of bags and a little bit of darkness.happy w/ results untii 4 mos ago when juvederm wore off. I noticed a purplish brown ring... READ MORE

Dr. Recommended Buccal Fat Removal, Equinox Fractional CO2 Laser and Ulthera, Is this a Good Plan for Me? (photo)

Consultation for my under eye area due to unhappy results of restalyne(uneven and purple brownish stain) DR.suggested all the above procedures.I realized my cheeks make me look... READ MORE

What Treatment Do You Recommend for Yellow Cholesterol Deposits in Under Eye Area?

Doctor feels fairly confident that there will be minimal scarring and the shape of my eye will not change. My fear is, if the shape of my eye is changed,can it be corrected?I... READ MORE

Fat Repositioning Vs Fat Transfer for Under Eyes?

I had restalyn in dec 2011 and was unhappy with results, I then had juvederm which some what improved the situation . I am considering dissolving fillers and either having a... READ MORE

Why is my butt hurting me after 5 years of getting a Brazilian butt lift ?

For the past week and a half, I have been experiencing pain when I sit even laying down. I don't even remember feeling this pain after surgery. I have not done any exercise nor... READ MORE

Can blue tint under eye area be improved 4 years and 8 months after Juvederm? (Photo)

2010 Juvederm in my under eye area for hollowness. In 2012 my Dr was not avail so I had restalyne in same area by a different Dr. I was not happy with results n went back to my... READ MORE