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Nasrin, I am NOT a doctor or qualified to give you medical advice.. but, I have seen a couple results that I did not like.. I can give you a few things that were conveyed to me.. again, this is NOT medical advice just what was given to... READ COMMENT

I am so sorry Julie..I had not read your posts when I wrote that.. I am new to the site and just read the one above. As hard as this is for you I am happy that you are sharing this with other people so that they do not have the same... READ COMMENT

I have seen good results in a lot of really is just the doctor and how you treat it once you go home, ie; not lying on it, and making sure you don't remold it out of the shape that it was formed in. I do recommend you make... READ COMMENT

You sound very educated on the procedure of injecting fillers. I was wondering if you had any experience on how to remove or reduce Radiesse that has as you say "fly into orbit" ? We have tried the injection of saline/lidocaine 1 time... READ COMMENT