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Get Botox Regularly. Never Had a Problem. Portland, OR

I have been going regularly to maintain my looks. I usually go three times a year and get 50 to 60 units in my forehead and around my eyes. The worst thing that has ever happened is a mild bruise and I usually insist on specific highly experienced people where I go. I lay off of all... READ MORE

Excellent Result - Portland, OR

I needed a major septorhinoplasy to correct an injury which happened as a result of being kicked in the face, and knocked out by my dying horse last June. The ER in the town where I live failed to diagnose the extent of my injuries and their ENT also failed to do any studies nor... READ MORE

Questions from YRH

Can Bone Fragments Still Be Removed After Nasal Fracture 6 Months Ago at 1 Year Post-Accident?

Nasal Fracture 6 Months Ago Resulting in Bone Fragments on Left and Right Side of Nose Which bother me when I wear glasses. The left nostril is compressed and I cannot breathe... READ MORE

No CT Scan Done After my Accident and Missed the 7 Day Window for Reduction, What Now?

Closed reduction. Now we are planning a closed rhinoplasty for 9 months post injury. Would a CT scan right after my accident prevented this outcome. Is closed reduction an... READ MORE

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I would not go back to this surgeon. If you are still having breathing issues you may be able to have a revision covered by insurance, but you will have to stress the function, or lack there of, over cosmetic appearance. Insurance will... READ COMMENT

I had my procedure at the end of March and there is more definition now. My situation was a functional repair after an accident. The tip is the last place the swelling leaves. Some Dr's can inject steroids to lessen the swelling. An ... READ COMMENT

I do have two shot recently, how do I post them? READ COMMENT

It also helped to take arnica orally 5 little pills 3 times a day for 3 days before the surgery and 3 days after. The pain meds will slow down your GI tract too, so the sooner you don't need them the better. I ate yogurt with flax... READ COMMENT

I used an aquecool after my procedure for 7 days. The upper face mask kept my face cold, and I could sleep with it on. I used it 22 to 23 hrs /day. This reduced pain, swelling and best of all I had no bruising.It was worth every penny. READ COMMENT