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Get Botox Regularly. Never Had a Problem. Portland, OR

I have been going regularly to maintain my looks. I usually go three times a year and get 50 to 60 units in my forehead and around my eyes. The worst thing that has ever happened is a mild bruise and I usually insist on specific highly experienced people where I go. I lay off of all supplements two weeks before. I take only oral arnica three days before and 3 days after and use topical... READ MORE

Excellent Result - Portland, OR

I needed a major septorhinoplasy to correct an injury which happened as a result of being kicked in the face, and knocked out by my dying horse last June. The ER in the town where I live failed to diagnose the extent of my injuries and their ENT also failed to do any studies nor intervention. By the time I got a CT scan it was past the 1 week period to fix my injury, so I had a... READ MORE

Questions from YRH

Can Bone Fragments Still Be Removed After Nasal Fracture 6 Months Ago at 1 Year Post-Accident?

Nasal Fracture 6 Months Ago Resulting in Bone Fragments on Left and Right Side of Nose Which bother me when I wear glasses. The left nostril is compressed and I cannot breathe... READ MORE

No CT Scan Done After my Accident and Missed the 7 Day Window for Reduction, What Now?

Closed reduction. Now we are planning a closed rhinoplasty for 9 months post injury. Would a CT scan right after my accident prevented this outcome. Is closed reduction an... READ MORE

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I would not go back to this surgeon. If you are still having breathing issues you may be able to have a revision covered by insurance, but you will have to stress the function, or lack there of, over cosmetic appearance. Insurance will... READ COMMENT

I had my procedure at the end of March and there is more definition now. My situation was a functional repair after an accident. The tip is the last place the swelling leaves. Some Dr's can inject steroids to lessen the swelling. An ... READ COMMENT

I do have two shot recently, how do I post them? READ COMMENT

It also helped to take arnica orally 5 little pills 3 times a day for 3 days before the surgery and 3 days after. The pain meds will slow down your GI tract too, so the sooner you don't need them the better. I ate yogurt with flax... READ COMMENT

I used an aquecool after my procedure for 7 days. The upper face mask kept my face cold, and I could sleep with it on. I used it 22 to 23 hrs /day. This reduced pain, swelling and best of all I had no bruising.It was worth every penny. READ COMMENT