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What Kind of Procedure Would Be the Best to Correct a Too Straight Profile and Deviated Septum? (photo)

I have a long nose, that appears to me too big for my features, and appears to be deviated to the right (after a trauma in my childhood). In addition, I have a strange profile... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Improve my Hooded Eyelids? (photo)

I'm 21 and I find my eyelids to be too hooded, and I look like I have already 40! My mother has the same hooded eye, so as my father. What is the best procedure I can have to... READ MORE

Would I benefit from a Septoplasty or It's a risk? (photo)

Hello, My nose slightly goes towards my right side, I think because of a fall when I was young. My friends and family say that in person it's not noticeable, but I see it... READ MORE

What kind of procedure (s) would you recommend to improve the profile and front view? (Photo)

Patient (my fiancé) is concerned about his appearance. He is 23 years old, good health. The nose present a significant bump on the bridge and the cartilage appears to be ... READ MORE

Is it possible to correct a slight deviation of the nose only with a septoplasty? What could be the cause? (Photo)

I have a slight deviation in my nose. It appears to be only on the cartilaginous part. Bone and profile are straight. When i contract my facial muscles i can see that the left... READ MORE