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To What Extent Can Nose Be Reduced by Rhinoplasty?

Hi. I have rather big nose (and it become much more bigger when I smile or grimace). So, To what extent can nose be reduced by rhinoplasty?. Can I have nose like, for example,... READ MORE

Does a Big Nose Mean I Have Thick Skin?

Hi. I have rather big nose. I wonder, if you have big nose that means nose have thick skin? Or size of nose doesn't matter? READ MORE

Is Upper Gum Lengthening Possible To Make My Upper Teeth Show When I Smile?

When I smile my upper teeth don't seen. Actually they do, but just a little bit. I think gum lengthening will help. So, I wonder Is upper gum lengthening possible? READ MORE

The Lower Third of my Face is Small. Any Suggestions?

What can make lower third of my face longer(bigger)? Chin surgery?Jaw Surgery? Or both? READ MORE

Are There Ways To Narrow My Wide Nostrils?

I have wide/big nostrils. Can surgeon narrow it A LOT? Can they be barely vertical? READ MORE

Will Nose Get Slimmer After Bridge Reduction?

Will Nose Get Slimmer After Bridge Reduction? READ MORE

Can the Final Result Be Better If I Do Consecutive (2 Etc) Procedures?

Can the final result be better if to do consecutive (2 etc) procedures? I mean, for example, 2nd procedure will be done after 1st procedure after 5-10 month. And 3rd will be... READ MORE

Can My Bridge Be Narrowed? (photo)

Can Parts 9(8) and 7 Be Narrowed?(See the Pic Below) READ MORE

I Heard That Nose Gets Bigger Hole Life. Will my Nose Get Bigger After Nose Job?

I heard that nose gets bigger hole life. I'm 18 and I'm going to have nose job. Will my nose get bigger after nose job while I will getting old? READ MORE

Can The Jaw Line Be Moved Down?

Can my jaw line be moved down? So the lower 1/3 of my face will be longer(bigger) READ MORE

Can A Chin Implant Add Vertical Height To A Small Chin?

Hi. I have small chin. From profile view my chin is good. I just need to add vertical height. Can Chin Implants add vertical height? And can Chin Implants a little bit widen my... READ MORE

Can I Get a Better Nose Job if I Pay More Money?

Can you get a better Nose Job if you'll pay more money? For example, there are 2 persons. They both don't have thick skin, their noses are similar and they want to have... READ MORE

How to Evaluate Thickness of Your Nose Skin for Rhinoplasty?

Can I evaluate thickness of my skin (nose?How? Or I should go to a plastic surgeon? READ MORE

Upper Jaw Surgery. Can Upper Jaw Be Moved Down? And Will It Help Me to Show More Teeth when I Smile/talk?

Can upper jaw be moved down? And will it help me to show more teeth when I smile/talk (When I smile only 1mm-2mm of my teeth are seen)? READ MORE

Is It Possible to Narrow Nasal Sidewalls?]

Is it possible to narrow nasal sidewalls? And can it cause problems with breathing? READ MORE

Which Parts of the Nose Can't Be Reshaped/Reduced/Narrowed Etc?

Which parts of the nose can't be reshaped/reduced/narrowed etc? I mean which parts can't be touched or something else READ MORE