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You're another victim of American Laser. I don't know how they've been getting away with lying to people. I need to invest more time into reporting them to the BBB and Consumer Reports. Have you done that yet? READ COMMENT

BK, same exact experience here. We were lied to, tricked into this ematrix BS. We feel robbed of our time and money. It sucks that there're such greedy people out there who preyed on us by making false promises. I'm sure THEY KNOW IT... READ COMMENT

You're just one of 99% of the people who saw no difference after a series of Ematrix for scar reduction. You're lucky they didn't overcharge you the way they over charged most of us. Some paid 3X as much. However, can't say you got a... READ COMMENT

I don't think you should continue. Very few people, if any, saw any results for scars. Keep reading reviews and do more research instead of taking my words for it. READ COMMENT

Criminal, indeed! This is just terrible. It's bad enough that we spent thousands of dollars and it doesn't work . Some people even end up with more scars. READ COMMENT