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Consultation Review - don't book a procedure with dr. nathan long of cosmetic procedures clinic- dallas, tx

I'm a second time patient with Dr. Nathan Long\ of Cosmetic Procedures Clinic and I decided that I wanted to lipo my abdomen and a small area of my flanks with a fat transfer to my butt. I had two consultations with him to make sure that he'd had enough fat to transfer, and also to confirm the price of $1,700 (fat transfer) and $2,000 (lipo) as I'm a returning patient. My invoice was printed... READ MORE

One of the BEST Decisions I've Ever Made - Dallas, TX

So after 2 years of the Depo shot and massive weight gain with little to no gym results, I decided to have lipo in my adbomen, flanks, inner & outer thighs, and axilla (aka underarm breast tissue aka titty fat). Current Height: 5"3 Current Weight: 175lbs Measurements: @Belly Button: 39in @Waist: 37in @Thorax: 34in @Thighs: 48in (I'm a fairly short woman so my weight gain was... READ MORE

Let's Lipo These Boobs Already! - Dallas, TX

- 36DDD - back, neck & shoulder strain - difficulty breathing when laying on back - unable to run/jog - appeared matronly in clothes - massive amounts of money spent on specilaty bras Only 6 more days!!!! I’m a 28yr old African American woman weighing in at 168lbs and wearing a size 36DDD cup. Point blank, I’m VERY uncomfortable in my body. Just two years... READ MORE

Questions from voluptuous_vixen84

African American Woman Wants To Know Expectations For Breast Reduction Surgery

I'm 5'3, weighing 165 lbs, wearing a 36DDD. My surgeon stated he would remove between 600-800 grams. Would that bring me to a 36C or a 36D? Are there any OTC... READ MORE

Can You Please Recommend an OTC Cream or Pill That Will Greatly Diminish Deep Bruising?

I recently underwent lipo on my inner & outer thighs and have experienced a great deal of bruises. I've been taking OTC Arnica tablets as well as Arnica gel, but have... READ MORE

Is There a Rx or OTC Drug That Will Reduce Abdominal or Thigh Swelling?

I had lipo performed on my abdomen, flanks, and inner & outer thighs a few weeks ago. My tummy looks about one inch smaller, and my thighs are still rubbing together. I am... READ MORE

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DO THIS FOR YOU!!! NO ONE ELSE MATTERS!!! my BF was hesItant at fIrst, but realIzed that I needed to be happy & comfortable In my own skIn. my confIdence Is through the fuckIng roof now!!! when I walk Into the room I feel amazIng &... READ COMMENT

Thanks GymnastGirl86! What was your level of pain A) when you woke up and B) the first week? Any words of advice? Glad you're happy with everything "boob twin"! READ COMMENT

Hi! All insurance companies have a "CC Requirement". There is an absolute minimum that must be removed otherwise you will be denied. Most insurance companies (Aetna & BCBS especailly) require a minimum of 600 cc's per breast that need... READ COMMENT

I called the office this past Friday and explained what I was experiencing and was told that this was all normal and apart of the healing process...I told them that my left thigh is still pretty numb, and I was told that this was also... READ COMMENT

Good luck girl! You're gonna look amazing! I was going to wait a few more weeks to post final measurements but at the moment my belly button is 35in, thorax 34in, waist 35in, thighs 44in. Before the surgery I wore a size 14 in slacks &... READ COMMENT