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Is It Possible That Through Mild Asymmetry After Rhinoplasty That One Side is Swollen?

The bridge of my nose is asymmetric,it's not for the first time extremely noticeable, but by more pricesely looking, by most of the lighting conditions it's noticeable... READ MORE

Can Supplements for Hair Negatively Influence the Recovery After Rhinoplasty?

I have problems with hair loss, but before trying any supliments I would like to know if supliments for hair and nails could negatively influence the healing of my nose? Could... READ MORE

Does Greasy Hair Fall out More?

Is it good for hair to let it greasy so that it doesn't fall out that much, or the opposite? i've heard it's bad to wash your hair very often, but for me it seems... READ MORE

Can Taping my Nose Negatively Influence the Recovery?

I've had my rhinoplasty 3 months ago.Unfortunately I'm not happy with the results and it afects me psychologically very much.it's still long time until I can have a... READ MORE

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Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!such an improvement!!!!!!!!!!! i'm so happy for you READ COMMENT