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During my follow up visit with Dr. Goldman I asked if there was anything available that would help expedite the hair re-growth process. He prescribed a topical medicine called Formula 82M which is used to help with male pattern... READ COMMENT

I believe so. After my seventh and final procedure I was around 95% complete (lasered everything except my side burns down the ear lobes and goatee area including mustache) I went to see Dr. Goldman at San Diego dermatology who has... READ COMMENT

It will grow back, just takes time, how long all depends on your body. My last treatment was in Nov. of 2011 and I still have areas that have not grown back. It isn't pretty but it's coming back. Funny how I did this to reduce the... READ COMMENT

I'll also add that my sideburns, down to my ear lobes, and my mustache and goatee area were never treated. READ COMMENT

7 treatments after which 95% of my facial hair was gone. I have/had a very thick/coarse beard, 5 o'clock shadows at 2pm. I underwent very aggressive treatments and about 95% was gone after the last treatment. Once it started growing... READ COMMENT