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47 Yr Old Needing Tummy Tuck After BBL - Aventura, FL

I had a BBL with DR BUTTS (Dr Salama) in February 2013. I love my ass but the skin on my belly didn't retract as I hoped. I went to see a local surgeon and he said I should not get any type of lipo revision due to laxity in my skin (why did I discover a bbl so late in life). He said a tt would help even out the unevenness and I should be able to get away with a scar the size of a mini tt...I... READ MORE

BBL down (2/19/13) now for my tummy tuck March 2014

I want a more rounded butt and not sure if I have enough fat to graft. I have my heart set on DR Salama and viewed is website where he stated BBL is not intended for thin people. Rueben has emailed me back but gave me an estimate for the mommy makeover, which is not want I inquired about. I emailed him back along with some pics and still waiting to hear from him. They also stated they like the... READ MORE

Questions from CTHollywood

44 yo, 4'11", 105 lbs, with 33" midsection. I have trouble gaining weight but have my heart set on a BBL. Am I a good candidate?

I am 44 yrs old and always had a difficult time gaining weight. I have my heart set on getting a BBL and would like to know if I have enough fat. I am 4' 11" and weigh 105lbs... READ MORE

How Long Can It Take for Skin to Reattach After Lipo? (photo)

I am 6 weeks post op and the skin above my belly button is not reattaching as quickly as the other skin. This area is the only area I had stretch marks and not sure if that is... READ MORE

Can lumpy, uneven lipo be fixed?

I had traditional lipo Feb 2013 and the unevenness has not gotten better. I am 45 and two children (25 years ago). I was first told it was due to loose skin but I can feel the... READ MORE

What can help the unevenness? (Photo)

I had a bbl in 2013 and I'm not completely happy with my lipo results. I had my regular massages, wore my garment for 6 months and still got unevenness. Is a tt the only way to... READ MORE

Compacting belly button after Tummy Tuck? (Photos)

I am 4 months post op and wanted to know if it is too late to compact or place a marble in my belly button? It's not much of an innie. READ MORE

Is lower bloat normal at 8 days shy of 6 months po Tummy tuck? (photos)

I wake up with a nice flat belly but as soon as I start moving belly bulge. I heard 6 mths to a year. I know nothing is wrong with mr, I'm naturally thin and can actually feel... READ MORE

Will muscle distention effect my Tummy tuck results? (photos)

I am now 7 months post op but at 5 months I had a bad cough and ever since my swelling has been much more. I just sent my PCP and she said it's not fluid and she thinks its... READ MORE

Fluid in lower abdomen at 12 months...what now?

I am 13 days shy of a year from my tummy tuck. At 6 months I had a bad cold and cough and there after started to swell. I recently had an ultrasound that states small fluid... READ MORE

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Thank you. Dr Salama prescribes antibiotics for you to take and since my drain was in longer I had to get another script for them, he makes sure his patients are a priority. READ COMMENT

Dr Salama did a wonderful job. READ COMMENT

I'm sorry I haven't replied. I wasn't coming to RS much. I finally did an update. Lol READ COMMENT

I will update today. Only because you requested. READ COMMENT