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Can Top Ups of Sculptra Wake Up Previous Injections I Had Done 17 Months Ago?

I had a top up of sculptra after 17 months, i should never have done it but my Doc said I needed top ups every 12 to 18  months. My face which was unbalanced after first... READ MORE

My Face Feels Very Tight After Sculptra Touch Up 5 Weeks Ago, Why Is This?

I had a top up of 1 vial of sculptra after 18 months, it is now 5 weeks and my face is becomming so tight and getting so much volume, I also have this tingling feeling. I am so... READ MORE

Why Are Sculptra Inections Spaced 6-8 Weeks Apart?

If it takes sculptra 4-6 months to peak why are injections spaced 6-8 weeks apart, would it not be better to wait 6 months before next injection so not to overfill READ MORE

Should Sculptra Be Inejcted Directly into Nasaibol Fold?

I had a top up of sculptra after 18 months, big mistake. Had one vial over whole face, this time he injected directly into naisobal fold area, it looks awful, I look so... READ MORE

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Can anyone tell me if I stop eating will this halt the collagen production READ COMMENT

Just another thought, I think a face that shows age is better than a face that is weird stuffed with fillers !!! READ COMMENT

Sculptra has ruined my life, I hacve had a nervous breakdown, my face before was pretty now I am ugly. Why do we mess with our faces and body's, it is not right. Mai READ COMMENT

Hi Sally Same happened to me hate sculptra, lost loads of weight throug stress and had a nervihad a nervous breakdown with it. i hate my unbalanced face one side is different from the other READ COMMENT