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I feel your anger. I sure wish I could bring these nationwide crooks to justice. They took $1500 of my money. READ COMMENT

I'm glad at least one person listened to the rest of us. It is and will always be a ripoff. READ COMMENT

You are actually the 1st person who I've heard that has had results. You're sure you're not the owner's wife? :) Sorry, but I blew $1500 without any success. If I could somehow run these people out of business I would. READ COMMENT

They cal it non-invasive lipo, but its really just a laser beam that they point at the fatty tissue. IT DOES NOT WORK......PERIOD.... JUST A COMPLETE RIPOFF READ COMMENT

I wish I could figure out how to get the attention of the media on Zerona to let the world know what a farce it is. So far, I haven't seen anyone who had success with Zerona. I tried to blog on The Doctor's" about it, since they are... READ COMMENT