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Can I have your email? i recently met a girl from wash heights who referred me to him. im nervous as hell though after reading about him but i liked his work. she said the same thing about him being aggressive with lipo. anyway you seem... READ COMMENT

Girl! i love your body now. your butt went down a lot (it seems). it looks really good. i also see that he didnt lipo your stomach and back the way he was supposed to. you still look great overall so don't feel so bad. im glad you don't... READ COMMENT

You look great! wow! READ COMMENT

Did salama suggest that you have a tummy tuck at first? your body looks effn good!!!! i understand why you're so pissed off. WE cannot see what you're talking about but i'm sure you're right. OMG your butt didn't go down much. it's... READ COMMENT

Oh yeah... have you sat down yet? READ COMMENT