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I am 5'6" & 155lbs. - Mommy Makeover

I am 5'6" & 155lbs. (give or take a few) I had twins last year and they are the the best thing in my life (& my husband:) ) but it really took a tole on my body. I gained 60 lbs during pregnancy. The twins were huge for twins, 6.3 & 6.11. Let's just say I got tons of strechmarks and loose skin from the pregnancy and then losing 20lbs at delivery and 30lbs more 3 weeks later. Before... READ MORE

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Thank you guys!!! I hope it doesn't hurt, I know my side will but it has to. Be done. I'm just sooo ready for summer and for this all to be over with!!! READ COMMENT

Hey is he doing all this in house?I might be getting the same thing done at 3 mon post op. my bb is so flat. I wish he would of drew it in more and my right side wasn't pulled down all the way so he said he will do lipo but idk about it... READ COMMENT

I had/have the same problem. My work pants don't fit if I wear the brace. I cut my brace down and still look a lil bigger but. I keep reminding myself it will allll be worth it by summer. I am 17 days post op and had a really good day... READ COMMENT

Thank you all soo much! You guys are so helpful!! I cut some of the band off so it doesn't look so bulky. I wore it yesterday and it fit really good. I wore it last night to bed and woke up like 5 times and had to pee but couldn't go... READ COMMENT

Thank you. He said 6 weeks but I cut off the top half so it fits a lot better. Oh man I couldn't of done this during summer. I guess I have it good by wearing winter clothes right now. Work is hard but it was better today. Its like... READ COMMENT