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35% TCA with Phenol Peel - New York, NY

I was debating a deep chemical peel for awhile now. I had researched extensively the phenol/croton oil peel in particular because the results I saw that people achieved were incredible. I am a 36 year old female with very mild acne scarring on my cheeks, some hyperpigmentation issues along with some melasma that recently started to form... I guess years of sun exposure while driving my car... READ MORE

Non Sugical Rhino = I Heart Dr. J - Brooklyn, NY

So I had a very unsatisfactory rhinoplasty after breaking my nose twice... incidents that untimately left my bridge a bit crooked. The plastic surgeon I chose years later to correct it, did nothing that we discussed about the bridge and actually changed everything I was intially very happy with... and didn't even touch my bridge. Ugh! I was left with a crooked nasal tip in addition to the... READ MORE

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I did have them, I switched phones so I'd have to dig them up. But it was awful, girl. I looked like I was scarred for life (which is normal, but try telling yourself that when it looks like you've just suffered from 3rd degree burns... READ COMMENT

I had the 35% TCA with phenol peel. I peeled like hell for over a month! READ COMMENT

I used a cream made of dmso (70%) and aloe Vera (30%) that my health feed store had. READ COMMENT

I have to say, despite all the healing trauma I went through, I would still give this doc and procedure 2 thumbs up. The healing process was long and difficult (took about 6-8 weeks before I saw the results I had been waiting for) but... READ COMMENT

Omg I am so happy with the results. I would do things so differently if I had to do it all over again. Doc was great and the peel delivered in terms of results, but I would have researched a good after care regime more thoroughly... I... READ COMMENT