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ChaCha15: It sounds as if you are a very happy patient of Dr. Freeman's. You should post pics and block out your eyes so others can see his work (especially since you feel it's such great work.) What kind of surgery did you have... READ COMMENT

2001anon: I was just curious if things have gotten better for you. I actually tried to private message you but got an error message. I hope you found a good lawyer. Has anything improved? Just thinking of you. READ COMMENT

Simpson, I'd love to see your pics since you had such a great experience with Dr. Freeman. I've heard so much negative, I'd like to see one of his real world successes. You can block out your eyes to conceal identity. It just sounds as... READ COMMENT

Anon1138: So sorry to hear you had that experience with him! funny- he told me "he never once had to remove a chin implant." Those were his words verbatim. AND he actually left a stitch that is protruding through your skin?? This guy... READ COMMENT

Hi Skin Girl. First of all let me thank you for so generously taking the time to document your story. It is brave and very helpful to those of us considering treatments. I am seriously contemplating having the COS Laser Resurfacing.... READ COMMENT