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Depressed and Upset After Veneers

I had to broken upper front teeth due to an accident when I fell on the stairs when I was 9 back in 2001. Well fast forward to 2011 am now 19 and jumped at the opportunity to get my teeth fixed. But have regretted it since the moment my prep was complete. My front two teeth were shaven down to near stubs despite my opting for veneers in the first place due to less tooth removal. On the... READ MORE

Questions from Random9293

Is It Necessary to Level out Chipped Teeth Before a Veneer Can Be Placed? (photo)

My front two teeth chipped when I fell down the stairs. My dentist has given me a choice of getting either veneers or crowns. But he is edging towards Zirconium crowns over... READ MORE

Did my Dentist Give Me a Crowns or Venees? (photo)

I am depressed because I think I have lost healthy tooth structure and I am only 19. I told the dentist I want veneers and during the prep he thinned out my teeth and left them... READ MORE

Can a Tooth That's Been Prepared for a Crown Keep Getting a Crown on It?

Once the tooth receives a crown can that tooth keep getting a crown replaced on it every 15 years or so or does a point come when the person loses that tooth early. I ask... READ MORE

Tooth with Veneer Has Hole at the Back of It After Piece Popped Off During Flossing. What's The Cause? I'm Worried. (photo)

I got porcelain veneers for my two front teeth 2 months ago. I was flossing when a small white piece popped off the back of my veneered tooth. I had noticed a white cement like... READ MORE

Can Veneers Change a Persons Face Shape?

After getting two veneers for upper front teeth I notice change the the shape of my jaw. It looks thinner and more sunken. Is it possible that two veneers can cause this or is... READ MORE

Can Porcelain Veneers Be Taken off and Replaced with Bonding?

I made a huge mistake getting veneers for my front two teeth. It was purely cosmetic as my teeth were absolutely healthy, I regret it everyday. I was wondering if I could have... READ MORE

Why Do my Porcelain Veneers Feel Tight when I Eat Harder Foods?

I've noticed that only when I eat harder foods like candies or hard biscuits my Porcelain Veneers (I only have 2 on my upper central incisors) feel tight, like a side-to-side... READ MORE

Is It Too Drastic to Replace Veneers with Implants?

I made a mistake of getting 2 porcelain veneers for my central incisors solely for cosmetic reasons. The dentist I chose excessively prepped my teeth as confirmed by another... READ MORE

Burning Gums Around Veneers?

I've been experiencing a burning sensation in the gums around two porcelain veneers. It comes and goes, but has been happening everyday for four months since my dentist decided... READ MORE

What Exactly Are 'Open Margins' when Comes to Dental Restorations?

Specifically when referring to porcelain crowns and veneers, what are open margins? Are they gaps between the restoration and the gum line? I have heard that a small gap at the... READ MORE

Pain in Only One Corner of Porcelain Veneer?

I experience pain when push gently on the upper right corner of a veneered tooth right next to the gum line ( I only get this pain on this corner and no other point of the the... READ MORE

Recent comments from Random9293

I actually joined this site to gather some information on porcelain veneers for my two front teeth I had chipped when I was much younger. Here's my review http://www.realself... READ COMMENT

You are truly a beautiful, brave and remarkable woman. Thank you for warning others. I don't think any of us can even begin to imagine the horror and trauma of everything you have been through. If you don't mind my asking, why did you... READ COMMENT

Also I chose the wrong dentist who prepped my front two teeth more like he was giving me crowns, which I'm happy you've warned others about. True veneers require slight reduction in tooth structure, READ COMMENT

I'm glad that you have written about this procedure accurately and pragmatically. Your last paragraph is very true, I did NOT look at my teeth in the mirror every day or think about about how much I hated them. I was for the most part... READ COMMENT

I'm so sorry you're disappointed with your veneers. You may have read my review. I wish I could warn more people about not getting veneers, but I guess most won't listen until it's too late. The problems with veneers are endless;... READ COMMENT