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Made the Decision - Sacramento, CA

Well, mine starts many years ago. Always hated my nose; was teased constantly growing up. In fact, I even had a teacher in high school, as I was walking by minding my own business, say "hey snoze" while he was standing there with other students. He did that twice. I suspect that many of the things that happened to me back then would be classified as "bullying" by... READ MORE

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Should I?

So here's my story:  all my life I've wanted a new nose.  As far back as I could remember I was always teased (even had a teacher once, in front of other... READ MORE

Any feedback on Thomas Kaniff, MD in Sacramento, Ca?

Just looking to see if anyone has had any experience with Thomas Kaniff, MD in the Sacramento, Ca area.  Thanks. READ MORE

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Boy. The first thing I think I would do is find another place to buy my glasses! I'm always amazed at how stupid people are with the things they say. From a male perspective I can relate, only I was the one who was passed by,... READ COMMENT

Thumbs out! You will feel better in the future financially and otherwise by waiting a while. I will say though that you should move forward in the future. Although I had a successful career I always wondered if certain things would... READ COMMENT

You know, you WILL get this done...but, maybe the time is not right just yet (I've waited 40 years). One thing you don't want to do is rush things... get more than one opinion so you are comfortable with your Dr. selection. During... READ COMMENT

Good for you! Don't be too hard on Dad though. I suspect he just wants what's best for you. Remember one thing during your conversation...remain calm (notice I said "conversation" not "confrontation"). That can be tough I know but... READ COMMENT

My goodness. I hear a lot of me in you at that age. Have you checked with the physcian about some type of payment arrangement? Possibly not using all of your savings just enough for a down payment then make simple payments? It may be... READ COMMENT