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Will Aspiration Help Improve Smart Lipo Results?

I had Smart Lipo a year ago on love handles, abdomen and inner thighs. No aspiration was done. I have seen no results, except my lower abdomen seems less flabby. The inner... READ MORE

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Jlynn/mcdor Hi. 'Spa' RF is the branded name of the equipment they use at my clinic, but the RF stands for radio frequency as that's what the process uses the power of, supposedly, to ultimately cause new collagen to form in the skin... READ COMMENT

Mcdor7 Hey thanks for your update and positive news. I had my 3rd Spa RF treatment 3 days ago and I'm sure the roll/ridge above my navel is much reduced, definitely softer. I hope the treatment eventually lifts/flattens the upper... READ COMMENT

Redlady- thanks for your words of encouragement...have no choice but to wait, hope, and do anything that's supposed to help. Glad you're now close to healed. READ COMMENT

Mcdor7- I'm sorry to hear of your distressing experience too. We are not alone. I am convinced my areas are worse now also- very wobbly, discoloured at times under the skin, and erratic lumpiness. One of these days some professional... READ COMMENT

Hi mcdor7 and jlynn76. I'm with you! I've made several posts throughout this forum site on SL and until now I'd not read any comments that describe the after-surgery symptoms so well. I'm 3 months down the line and still experience... READ COMMENT