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Mixto Laser on Asian Skin for Acne Scars - Los Angeles, CA

I am an Asian with acne scars, which makes my condition particularly tricky to treat with lasers. I was doing Lux 1540, but I will be heading back into school this fall and, thus, will have much less time for treatments, thus I wanted to try something faster. As such, I turned to the Mixto laser as done by Dr. David Rahimi in Beverly Hills, CA. He proposed a Mixto + minor subcision... READ MORE

Questions from DRaGZ

How Long Does Microswelling Generally Last After a Lux 1540?

I ask because I'd like to know how long I'd have to wait before I know how much the laser actually did in the initial treatment before waiting to see how it improves... READ MORE

Why Am I Still Red Three Weeks After Lux 1540? Is This Normal For Asian Skin?

I am 23 with Asian skin. I took Lux 1540 on November 30 on my cheeks and I am still fairly red. It is much redder after I use my glycolic cleanser, but even after it's... READ MORE

Are Laser Treatments for Acne Scars Permanent?

I am referring to all lasers for acne scars, from the original CO2 to the newer non-ablative YAG lasers. I have been hearing varying opinions on this. I've been told... READ MORE

Benzoyl Peroxide Inhibits Collagen Production?

I underwent Mixto three weeks ago, to treat acne scars, and have decided to go back onto benzoyl peroxide to keep my acne under control. However, I've been informed that BP... READ MORE

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August 28 is probably going to be my last update. READ COMMENT

Yes, I took my second treatment on July 28. It was actually a 20% TCA peel, then the Mixto (which was done much more aggressively), and then a pretty aggressive subcision (I heard a lot of popping noises when he did it). I am... READ COMMENT

I think the microswelling went away after about a month. I think, so far, the percentage of improvement has been about 70% on my left and 30% on my right. There are still portion on my left that very much bother me, and my right can... READ COMMENT

I'm sorry, I don't know what went wrong with your procedure. I hope it clears up. READ COMMENT

That is a strange reaction. I've only ever had the pink skin, however I had been treating with kojic acid (which is like a weaker form of HQ [I can't take actual HQ due to an allergy]) as soon as I was able to, which was around 11 days... READ COMMENT